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Don't pass these Lights Up!

For Sale:

1. 400w metal halide pendant with fans and two 36w power compacts. Made by custom sealife and the metal halide bulb is 10k and has only been run for 1 month. Includes Ballast. The pendant is 20 X 13 and is perfict for and size tank up to 36" $400.00

2. Six foot Ice Cap fixture with four 160w VHO's. Has fans and the bulbs are brand new still in the box. The fixture is powered by two 430 Icecap VHO ballasts.$375.00

I have a 180 gallon reef tank and I am only selling the lights because I thought I was going to buy three pendants for the 180 but decided to get a whole fixture with three metal halides in one fixture. The VHO's were running the tank for several months and I had just ordered new bulbs when I saw a metal halide fixture for sale and could not pass it up.
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