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Avoiding Dead Spots - Wavemaker or HOB Filter

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A very quick question:

Current situation: 5G tank with
- a built-in trickle filter & return pump (shown in below picture - black compartment)
- 50g pond pump (shown in below picture - left hand side on tank wall)

Objective: want to put more flow on the right hand side of the tank.

Should I? get AquaClear 70 HOB filter or 150g wavemaker.

Limited $$$ so can only afford either AC70 HOB Filter or a wavemaker.

The AC70 filter will be hang on the right hand side on tank wall (opposite of the 50g pond pump).

What do you suggest in getting?

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You might want to buy one of these for your powerhead to see if it helps.
They are great little gadgets for $10 and great for a nano.
Thanks; so how does this work?

just mount it on the opposite side of the 50g pump and that's it ?
You mount it on the return of your current pump. The water flow makes the deflector spin around to you are not blowing water in just a straight stream.
hmmm ... so mount in on the 50g pump (left hand side of the tank).

I'm assuming that this reflector is powered by electricity and not solely on the output of the pump?

Ok ... i will do further research on this reflector. thanks
No electricity. Solely on the output of the pump. I used one of these in my former Nano and it was great.
I have one. It's not in my tank but it's on a powerhead in a curing tank. It's got a bunch of adapters and sticks on to most any pump. It works.
sorry Helen, 1 more Q: how do I know it will fit any pump? How would I know that it will fit my pump?
If I remember correctly it comes with a bunch of adaptors. But I forgot to mention I'd ditch the 50 pump and go with 100 or so. The 50 is like a gentle breeze.
Live dangerously, get a WP60! :D

Seriously though, I would upgrade the pump, probably save ya some cash down the road if you decide to put everything in a larger tank.. (maybe a wp25 or similar? don't know the dimensions, I think Eheim has some awesome little PH's too)
WP25 Jebao is like 400x ....

I'll skip that idea.

The tank will be housing Zoas, Mushrooms, Hammers & Corals.

Low to Moderate flow. 400x seems too extreme in my liking.
nice , looks good for my 5g pico tank.

hope they'll become available soon here in oz.
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