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rcassidy said:
I bought a 20gal vertical holding tank from US Plastics, a small bulkhead, a couple JG fittings and a float valve from Kent. Put the valve in my sump, ran the hose through the wall to the bottom of the holding tank and viola. Top off. Now I turn on my RO/DI and it fills the holding tank. I have to fill it alittle more than once every 5 days. I've attached a pic. Not the best, but it works great!!

What does that Ronco guy say? "Set it and Forget it" or something like that :)

That's inspiring. I've been thinking about a similar setup for my RO, but hadn't found a holding tank small enough. My laundry room is identical to yours. I'd often thought about mounting the RO above the washer, but your setup is nice because the canisters are more accessible (and I wouldn't have to worry about draining water into the power outlets when changing media).

Question: What type of fitting did you use to tee off of the washer feed line? Did you use the hot or cold side? Did you install some type of valve on the RO feed line to shut it off? I think a neat idea would be to use the Kent RO float valve shut-off kit to regulate the water level in your reservoir, thus totally automating your system.

Also - how reliable is the float valve? Is that suseptable to failure from salt creep build-up?
thanks for the great idea!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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