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Ok So I am going to build my own ATO system, got a few options in mind. I dont want to store a tank under my tank, beside my sump. Just hate that, I can put one in my fish tank closet but i have limited room because i am now confined to the closet my wife said. So here is my IDEA.

Getting this DIY ATO KIT from Bulf Reef Supply. But adding another upper float in case the main shutoff float gets stuck ( Snail, crab, elf, leprechaun, w.e)

and instead of using a pump, using this Solenoid Vave in line directly from the RO/DI, its Normally closed, so with no power it automatically shuts off. But just for redundancy in safety, using 2 of them, in the line from the RO/DI. Also a leak detector beneith the sump that will automatickly cut off the supply from Ro/Di as well.

Any ideas or concerts in my plans will be helpful.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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