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Are they commonly used by everyone? What are your opinions on opting not to use them?

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This question arises from a previous discussion... Are filter socks essential? In my tank, I have two filter socks installed on the inlets to the sump, and they require frequent replacement. However, cleaning them afterwards is quite bothersome. I'm curious because I assumed that everyone used them, but my local fish store doesn't... Are they truly beneficial?
I would love to hear opinions from those who choose not to use them! In my setup, I have a 220-gallon tank, a 50-gallon sump, a refugium, a protein skimmer, and a GFO/carbon reactor. Since I am already utilizing GFO, I wonder if discontinuing the use of filter socks would pose much of a risk.
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I removed mine, too time consuming. In the early dsys they weren鈥檛 around and we just use filter floss. Use it then. Discard and replace with clean one.
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Don鈥檛 use them. Same reason as above.
they do come in handy to polish the water after cleaning.
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To me they were more trouble than they were worth. And 'filter floss' in an overflow is much easier......and toss n replace is much cheaper. (y)

And a BIG WELCOME to TRT Caspian !
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