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Hi Guys

So I have a Juwel Vision 180. I have T5 with reflectors installed for the lighting, 1 x blue, 1 x white.

I have mushrooms, 2 x soft corals and BTA and are placed along the top of the tank and are ok however I want to add corals to the base of the tank too.

I have found 3 x Aquaray 500's for sale. You get rails (not sure what type) 2 x blue and 1 x white and two PSU. All this for £90 (i said ill give £75 outside of eBay and collect someday, just waiting on response).

Firstly is this a good deal, I know the 600's are newer but as long as they are good value, not fused on the latest model. (in two years I am going to a 4foot tank full reef setup)

Also will these be ok for corals. I will be leaving my T5's on, will have the white led on the front flap and the two blues on the rear flap.

Thanks guys
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