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Here are the minutes from April Meeting. Look over them and let me know of any changes before I send them to Rob.

Atlanta Reef Club Minutes
13 April 2004
by: Wendy Carella [MsMafia], 2004 ARC Secretary

Meeting held at Eden Gardens
I. Meeting Called to order at 7:35 pm by club President Don Pelino [cyberchef].

II. Old Business: [includes officer's reports]
The March minutes were posted on the web page.

Motion was made and seconded to accept.

Treasurer's report: Bob Lemcke

III. New Business:

We are looking to schedule a guest speaker Sanjay Joshi in late June around the 26th. We will be putting out flyers to announce the event.

Welcome to our new members as well as those just visiting. There were a lot of new faces. Let’s make a point to get to know all of our new members and make them feel welcome.

A big thank to Ray and Lisa O’Connor for all of their work in making the newsletter a possibility. Please take the opportunity to look over this great piece of work. There is a link to it on the Atlanta Reef Club home page. They are looking for people to submit article for the quarterly newsletter. If you have a topic you would like to submit please send it to [email protected] . It’s a great opportunity to discuss your favorite reef keeping subject with everyone. Please show your interest and appreciation by helping out.

Bob Lemcke and Sally Densmore have graciously agreed to act as the meeting directors for the remainder of 2004. They already have potential meeting places set up through December. They are doing a remarkable job. Let’s remember that all of this is volunteer work. All time is donated to make this club great.
The May meeting will be at Michael Jackson’s house. We will be doing a blender mush. There will be 2 recipes. Everyone will get a bag to take home. All is encouraged to attend. It will be a learning experience. Your fish will thank you.


Now to the fun things. A big thank you to Charles Kuehne. What a wonderful job he did with the presentation of how to set up a nano tank.

FACTS: Setup was purchased from AQUABUYS off the internet. We used club funds and the setup was approximately $256.00 The nano tank that was put together had the following items: aqua clear 150, tank, salt, filter, 50 watt heater, magnet, hydrometer, 32 watt retrokit, surface skimmer, test kit, purigen, power head 73gph and I’m sure there’s a couple of things I didn’t write down but for the most part that’s all of it.

Thank you to the following for the donations to the Nano Tank.

Marine Fish: Live rock and Sand

Dale Eichberg: Clean up crew

Don Pelino: Frags and premixed water

Thanks again to Charles for the extensive explanation on how to setup the Nano Tank. What a great class that was. He covered every angle from opening the box to wiring the lights to plugging everything in.

As you all know we had a drawing for the Nano Tank. The 2nd and 3rd runner up got a gorgeous ARC Calendar that Bob Lemcke put together last year. Here are your winners.

3rd runner up-Sally Densmore

2nd runner up-Cooper Rowan

Winner-Chris Powers

IV. Correspondence:
None mentioned.

V. Round Table Discussion:

ARC President asked for discussion on problems and advise from the members.

VI. Guest Speaker:None

VII. Announcement of next meeting time & location:

May General Meeting
May 11 2004
Michael Jackson’s House
7:30 pm.

May General Meeting

VIII. Motion to Adjourn. Ron Gladstone at 8:25 seconded by Andy Daiss

IX. Attendees:

[46 members]
Gavin Adams
Ray Armentrout
William Austin
Cesar Barria
Rebecca Barria
Jim Bowman
Benjamin Burgess
Chris Carella
Wendy Carella
Nelson Colon
Jesse Crosswhite
Andy Daiss
Sally Densmore
Mike Easterling
Dale Eichberg
Mike Fortune
William Fisher
Ronald Gladstone
Jerry Grubbs
Linda Grubbs
Christopher guinn
William Hageman
Zac Hageman
Chris Horne
George Jackson
Mike Jackson
Atom Hawke Kuehne
Charles Kuehne
Bob Lee
Robert Lemcke
Jon Luetschwater
Michael MacDonell
Dustin Lanier
Doug McIntyre
Rodney Meadows
Anita Morris
Rick Morris
Lisa O’Connor
Ray O’Connor
Timothy Parks
Don Pelino
Vikki Pelino
Brent Piper
Michelle Piskovich
Chris Powers
Chris Rogers

compiled by: Sally Densmore

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You are in full swing now, excellent job.

All are encouraged to attend, and nano tank donor: Dale Eichberg

I really am glad you have done such a good job of recording for the club. Thanks.

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Thanks William. I've added Dale's last name. I didn't know how to spell it before. Thanks for the info.
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