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in Milwaukee, but I can help with take-down and loading

due to my increased work load/family issues
I'm in need to scale back my reef tanks

we tossed a coin and the 72 is the one to go
it's a 72 gal AGA bow Front
upper left corner drilled for 1" bulk-head
standard AGA stand
Custom wood canopy
Coralife VHO Ballast with endcaps
(will fire up to 4-48" VHO bulbs)
(2) sieo superflow 620's

$400 for tank/stand/canopy/lights

$400 for all Live Rock/sand/clean-up crew/corals
I have no idea how much live rock I have, some was tufa/lava rock from
my first reef 15 years ago, but you can't tell.
this tank has all softies

$700 for all
add $50 for 15 gal tall sump and Mag 5 return pump if needed

fish are negotiable, but most have been spoken for as soon as I take the tank down,
and I didn't think anyone would want them

pics are from March, 2006
pm me if your interested

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