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anyone interested in trading their LPS/SPS/Shrooms frags for Snails or hermits?

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I have a tank full of Turbo (astrae) and blue legged hermits. Also in there are Emeralds and peppermint shrimps if I can catch them. Some of my emeralds are Red?? They look like the green mithrax ...are they the same???

I have limited numbers of bumble bees, ceriths, and Nassarius for trade as well. Not sure which one is doing it but, They are lining the tank walls with eggs. Just let me know what you have and what might interest you. Thanks Dale.
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could u sell? i have 1 single green striped shroom but as its probably the most popular type of shroom i doubt ull want it, but i need more of a cleanup crew
I'd really prefer to trade. The LFS are better at selling:D
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