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anyone interested? Canon A1,AE1,,loads of extras

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Hey All, was wondering if anyone might be interested in my 35mm camera equipt. i have to sell, b4 i put it on eBay.(going digital)
1-Canon A1
1- Canon AE1
1-Canon A2 power winder
1-Sunpack 422 flash W/remote sensor, and filter kit
1- Vivitar pistol grip camera/flash holder
1-Tokina AT-X28-85 mm lense
1-Canon50mm 1.8 lense
1-Tokina 80-200 zoom
1- Albinar 2.8 135 mm tele lense
1- Canon Speedlite 155A flash
1- large no name canvas bag
lots of UV , special effects filters
1- tele-converter
all in excellent condition
plus prob some more odds n ends,,,
let me know on pics of same ,,or questions,,
BTW: will sell all as one lot only,,
will prob start the price at $550 on ebay,
will prob sell for more,,
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items on eBay, do a ebay search for "junkzoo" as seller to see pics
$600.00 starting on eBay, anyone here wants it for that, lemme know b4 a bid comes in , and i'll let it go , and end the auction.
mnreefman said:
how long would you be willin to hold it?
hmm, wanna sell it ASAP , so i can get my new dig. camera/housing etc.
goin down to the Keys in Aug. ,and i'll need the new camera b4 then,,,,what kind of time line you talkin'?
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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