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I also enjoy keeping pipefish. I have a freshwater species that seems to enjoy eating dry flake food as well as live foods.
I think my favorite saltwater pipe is the Dragon-faced Pipefish. I still have two of them for sale where I work in Oregon City (Animal House).
They do occasionally breed in captivity, but the larvae are very tiny, and difficult to raise. Brine shimp naupuli were too large for them to feed on.
Is anyone in the Portland area keep a rotifer culture going? Mine crashed awhile back.

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What area of Tigard you live in? I used to live in some apartments right offa Gaarde, and I work in the Lincoln Center.

Back to pipefish........mine seems to be doing good. I think I still am doing good on pod population, but I am actually waiting on a package from UPS of a 100 of them (A friend and I are actually gonna do a 10 gallon tank with just them - and take some pods from it whenever we need some).

Pipefish are VERY cool. I'm amazed that none of the other fish mess with him (not even the damnsel). I just love watching the little swim around tryin to get some pods. :)

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curious as to the retail of those dragon faced pipes. i have been looking at gettinga pipe for a while and i am starting to read up a bit and starting to check prices on them.
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