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anyone got a nikon 4300?

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trying to get closer than this... but can't get clear shots. can someone give me a crash course on how to use this thing?


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idunno..that's pretty close. i think the 4300 only goes as close as 1.5" but im unsure. I have a 4500. Just use macro settings, tripod if possible. Picture looks ok, justy needs blur correction/color correction. happy shootin!

this is as good as i could get it in 2 minutes time:)


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this is as good as i could get it in 2 minutes time
Not too shabby Piero!


Did you get a new camera?
jon- yep yep

piero- what software did you use to clear that pc up. i gotta get my hands on it. that made all the difference.

Photoshop...but you can use any of the cheaper photo editing tools out there and they should be adequate as well. Some of em even come free with your camera.
Hey Ryan,
I have an older model of Nikon, but try this... go through your menu options and see if you have 'image sharpening' and set it on your highest setting. That really helped out my pics. It made more of the pic come into focus and the colors came out closer to real life. HTH

-Big Dave
i saw something about that, i am sure at the moment it is set to default/auto, when i get home from work tonight i will play with that. thats the kind of stuff i was looking for, right now all my photos are being taken on auto macro, and there are all kinds of things like white balance, iso, noise reduction, depth of field etc that i have no clue what they do. maybe i can find a book at powells on digital photography.

it is neato that this camera is fully adjustable, but the manual is pretty sparse on info as to what each adjustment does, so blindly changing things when you have this many options to mess with could lead to years of tinkering before i get a better photo.
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