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I have to work but my husband (Tim) is going to drive up just for the frag swap bit; it'd be just for the day and he'd be leaving by 7am.

He's got room for 1-3 people in his Civic, and we'd just want whoever comes along to chip in for gas (shouldn't be too much; his car gets 38mpg highway. Amount will depend on the end amount of filling up and will be split as evenly as possible between all people).

Just a couple of things he'd like me to mention before anyone leaps on board:

- The car's air conditioning is non-operable, so if that's something that you need on a hot day you may not be comfortable.

- Tim does smoke, so if that will bother you, you're not going to want to be stuck in the car with him.

- The stereo system isn't spectacular. Most of the speakers are blown. :D

There is pretty decent trunk space for hauling things back.
If you're interested please e-mail Tim directly at [email protected]
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