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They plan to do this at the next reef meeting...

Fresh seafood:

percent of the total - 10-20%?

shrimp -
oysters - blend well (may have Vibriostatic properties)
various other shellfish (mussels, clams, periwinkles, etc. - the bloodier, the is great (shucking is a pain but gives a good final product)
Fish roe (sometimes available at Asian markets as fresh)

Frozen foods

This makes up perhaps 20-30% of the mix

Artemia - adult
Artemia nauplii (baby brine shrimp) (enriched, if possible)
Mysid shrimp
Sea urchin roe
Flying fish roe

Dried Aquarium Foods

this makes up the majority of my mix - probably 40%

Golden Pearls - all sizes available, but a majority of the smallest size
Powdered marine flake/Nori (which can be found at an Asian market in Bulk)

Phytoplankton - doesn't need to be alive since the mix is frozen


2-5% of mix

Super Selco ( a big squeeze)
Sea Green Vitamin supplements - various brands, powdered, from Whole Foods market

Then what? Freeze it into little chunks?:arg:

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Yup. We did it in the ARC. Hint-Use someone elses blender.:) If you put it in the sandwich size ziplock and mash it flat, say 1/4" thick then freeze it you can break small chunks off at feeding time.

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Goo party?
is that what they call it nowdays?
I am guessing that recepy is not for the appetisers, is it?
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