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Anybody got frags of SPS?

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Ok, does anyone have frags of some "low" light SPS which DO NOT require mh's to survive. I'll pay this time as long as they aren't too expensive. I want to start keeping SPS corals that are easy to care for. Anyway, I fancy the montipora Capernicus, and the pink birds nest. Anything else would be fine. I'll drive down to the cities and pick em up if I have to.
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Why would you want corals to survive?
You would be better off to let them thrive.
Stay clear of SPS till your tank is mature and you have the proper enviroment for them to thrive not survive, you will be much happier in the end, really.
Good Luck,
I guess the word survive is not politically correct. Thrive does seem more appropriate.
Noel how long has your tank been set up for? I would suggest waiting at least 6 months before adding SPS.
What do you mean by "low light"? What kind of lighting do you have on your tank?

I have 2x65 watt PC lighting over my 25. No not That's why I said "low" (being sarcastic in text form).:funny:
I have 2x55W PC's on my 7gal mini bow and I cannot even keep Brown Montipora digitata, it pools out on the rock instead of growing tall, I would upgrade your lighting before adding any SPS.
This has just been my expierience FWIW.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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