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Anybody familiar with those emergency blankets?

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I'm thinking of those thin, silver 'thermal' blankets they sell for emergencies in the car or camping section of department stores. They are designed to keep body heat in, would they keep the heat in a tank if needed?

I was ok with the blackout because I have battery operated air pumps that could have kept me going for a few days, but got to thinking that if this had happened in the winter, it would have been tough to keep the tank warm for any length of time.
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hmmmmm. . . it seems feasible that it would help, but you would have to rig it somehow to keep a decent seal. If you have the battery operated air pumps I would think that air flow wouldn't be too much of an issue. Of course, in order to "see" what's going on in the tank you'd have to lift the blanket and lose some trapped heat, so I guess that IMHO there's a 50/50 chance it would help, on the other hand, I can't see that it would hurt either. . . ;)
i have heard to cover the tank in the winter to keep as much heat in as possible.

When we went through the ice storm, several folks out here wrapped their tanks in as many thick blankets as they could find. It actually worked pretty well, considering how desperate the situation was.

I don't know about those thermal blankets, but it couldn't hurt to try. (Just hope you never have to!)

OK, I know its a stretch...but we're in an emergency situation, right??? They make a thingy that plugs into your car lighter outlet. It allows you to plug in ANY regular electrical appliance into your car. In this case, you could plug in any/all necessary tank equipment...if you have a long extension cord and are will to run your car a lot. Just a thought.......
Hey Nicole! Better have alot of full gas cans handy to keep the care running!;)
Hey Nicole! Better have alot of full gas cans handy to keep the care running!;)

I have had some of those blankets your are referring to as I used them when I used to do alot of deer hunting and spend several nights out in the woods! They do keep in body heat so it may work on an aquarium!:)

They were called Space blankets I believe! Here's a link:
Cat the "space blanket" might help but keep in mind there are several grades available, from basic mylar foil to a more durable quilted type, thats obviously a little more $.
We have a product here, and hopefully up there as well that I think fits the bill for making an emergency tank blanket. I forget the trade name but basically its bubble wrap sandwhiched between 2 layers of mylar film, its kinda silver and "space" looking. Most Home imprpvement centers and large hardware stores here sell it. It coms on rolls and sells by the foot. They also have a silver tape used to join seams on it, that might have canopy reflective possibillities. FWIW a real popular use is to wrap hot water heaters, so making a slip on( or wrap on with velcro fasteners) tank cover should be a piece of cake. It would flatten out easily to store it away :D
Thanks Doug for the great information! Something to definately look into!;)
Sounds good, Doug :)

That stuff should help if you don't live in a house ( hard to reach car/ can't use a generator)
Actually, during the Great Freeze in Atlanta about 3-4 years ago, when most of us here lost power, we used Hot Water Bottles. Thankfully, our range is gas, and I boiled water and (Back then I was sumpless) put the bottles directly into the tank. (sealed of course). That and two battery operated drain and fill pumps saved most of my fish.


CAT said:
Sounds good, Doug :)

That stuff should help if you don't live in a house ( hard to reach car/ can't use a generator)
OK Am I missing something here, if you don't have a house, it begs the question, where's the reef? ;)
BTW FWIW I have heard of this stuff used as reflective materiel in canopies, tho I haven't done it myself
LOL doug, I'm in a 2nd floor apartment - sold my house. Can't reach the car cig. outlet for power but I don't have to mow the lawn either :D

Thanks for the link Johnny. :)
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