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Andy, I don't mean to step on your toes with this post but I think at some point soon we need to start focusing on the Calfo event.

Knowing you, you're probably right on top of things and I am just unaware of how much you've done preparing for it. ;)

However, since the October presentation is < 90 days away and fast approaching, can we ask Nelson (or someone else), to have them make posters for the event so that they'll be available to distribute to LFS in early August?

Do we want Ron Galdstone (sp?) to distribute them to all the sponsors? Is he officially our Sponsor store contact point (discussed in May BOD meeting)?

Also do we want to setup a face-to-face meeting to discuss the tasks that need to be done (print tickets, assign someone to take mail orders, concessions, raffle,.....). Do we want to open this meeting up to the membership to help spread out the work and get some fresh ideas. (Maybe a way to get someone new involved who might run for office. :funny: )

Also do we want to contact Seachem or Kent regarding getting stuff to raffle? Maybe a book publisher?

I'd also like to get a list of major bulletin boards so that we can announce this event when appropriate, similar to what ReefCentral did for us with a banner post.

Respectfully submitted,

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