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I have been in contact with Mr Calfo recently and haved made sure he is aware of the meeting we have scheduled for 10/11/03. He said he is...I then asked him to make sure he makes arrangements for travel at minimum of 21 days in advance to assure the lowest possible airfare. I told him we would book his hotel room for him.

This was his email back...

Cheers, Andy

Great to hear about the tank/store tour. Always

Regarding the flight arrangements, I prefer that
the club book/pre-pay it with the hotel arrangements.
The club can shop for the best price, and it really is
a courtesy to the speaker to not have to pay his/her
own way to a non-paying gig <G>. No honorariums
accepted/desired... and I can fed myself just fine.
Just need a plane ticket and cheap hotel.

Heehee... joking aside, I visit 20 - 30 clubs per
year... and alas many of them are not well organized.
I have had a few near fiascos with underfunded clubs,
and have heard other collegues tell some real
nightmare stories.

Having to wait for reimbursement is honestly an

Please advise when you can if the club is still
interested/able to schedule a flight.

If so... direct flights please, USAIR or DELTA out
of PIT... forward/aisle seats if possible. And please
let me know the flight options when you get a chance.
Arriving late the night before and leaving the day
after works best usually. Pre-noon flights out of PIT
are hairy with crazy tunnel construction (hence the
evening/afternoon flight out)

> > Anthony Calfo
> > 161 Francis Road
> > Pittsburgh PA 15239
> > phone 412-795-9461
> >
> > Delta FF# 2241405741
> > USAIRWAYS FF#- 424U0V8

I have a problem with us booking his airfare on many different levels, but first and foremost is his track record....thoughts comments?

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I would accept his requirements assuming you are willing to do the booking. We fully expected to fund his travel and stay. I just got his and Fenner's new book and it is quite thorough; very nice. I think he would be very interesting to speak. In regards to any disappointments from no-show, I have no clue and no opinion.

However, we have made several announcements and should follow thru with his invitation. If the club does get burned in some way, it should not be from our fault. We would lose the cost of a ticket. Maybe from his side he stood some club up which did not repay expenses from his pocket?

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I don't know his track record so it's hard to comment. I do understand his reservations about not wanting to pay inadvance then wait on reimbursement.

I think it would be acceptable for us to book and pay for the airfare in advance. Worse case senario we get burned on the airfare which really shouldn't be much if we book now and we're talking PIT to ATL.

If we decide to do this we bneed to book asap and get him his tickets or confirmation or whatever. The sooner the better in an attempt to set it in stone --- so to speak.

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doesn"t sound too outlandish to me. i was thinking along those lines myself when he had reservations about getting reimbursement. when you are doing work as a donation people for some reason think it's ok to take advantage of your kindness. i have inadvertatnly put myself in the position to be "reamed a new one" more times than i care to think about. i vote to give him what he asks.
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