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Since I know I'll be asking questions as I go through projects I'll post what I have currently. This is an existing tank that I have had setup for about three years. I know it is not reef but think y'all will be able to answer questions as I go along :)

75gal Oceanic reef (pre-drilled overflow):
  • Powerhead (Penguin 1800 I think)
29gal Oceanic sump
Home built wet/dry sump:
  • floss filter
  • live rock
Deep Sea in-sump skimmer
Mag-9 return pump

Clown trigger
Yellow Tang
Stars & Stripes puffer
Yellow tail damsel
About 6 small (4-5mm) Narisis (sp?) snails
About 4 meduim (15-20mm) Narisis (sp?) snails
X turbo snails (clown trigger eats em non-stop

About 150 pounds of live rock

Feeding Schedule:
every other day
frozen brine (clown, tang, damsel)
frozen krill (puffer, clown)

Cleaning schedule:
RO/DI water only (store bought)
10gal water change about every other week
2-4gal top-off in between

The snails have been a constant battle for the last three years. I am not giving up the clown so I just live with constantly buying them. I an very unsure of the spelling for the narisis snails, they are the type that bury themselves in the sand and come out at night. They seem to be lasting since the clown is sleeping when they come out.

I'll post a few pics after I take them.

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Sounds good, how well does the protein skimmer work? Only other thought is that you may feed a little too often if it's every other day, depending on how much you feed. With puffers in there, it doesn't sound like you could go reef with your current setup. Let's see some pics, it sounds like a good looking tank!

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So far I am a little disappointed by the deep sea skimmer. It has caused me never ending problems with the bubble level in the cup. From what I have learned the last few days that is due to the water level in the sump changing, and it was suggested I put in baffels to keep a constant water level around the skimmer to fix it. Since I am planning a new refug sump I'll look into doing that but I already have a new Corallife external superskimmer/maxiskimmer/somesuch skimmer (don't remember the exact name).

When talking about my constant battle with nitrates I was told I fed too often, used to feed every day. About 4 months ago I cut back to every other day. About a week ago I read to slowly introduct the food to the tank, keep small enough amounts so the fish eat them before the sink 2/3s the way into the tank. Just started doing that. Now at feeding time there is more activity in the tank. The tang tries to eat the food as fast as it can which limits the clowns food. Last night the clown really tore after the tang big time, never happened at feeding time before. I guess after 3 years I need to learn a proper feeding routine :doh:

I'll snap pics this weekend after I clean it up. Some reason I have a minor algee breakout on the glass along the bottom, about an inch high. I also am going to try to make an overflow silencer that I saw through a link in the DIY forums here. I made one before but did not like it so took it out, the one I saw here I liked the looks of.

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