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Spotted my red serpent starfish mangling a snail a couple hours ago....what caught my eye was the crab on TOP of the serpent star, then I noticed that the serpent had a snail underneath it....I only assume the serpent was sucking the life out of the snail at the time, and the crab was looking for scraps....

I turn my eye, and 5 minutes later I look back...and now I see ANOTHER leg leeching into the fallen snail carcass.....turn the light on it, and it starts retracting into a rock which was about 3" away. Width of the 'worm' appeared to be more then 1/4", more like 3.8". I thought it was a sand-sifting starfish at first, the 'leg' was the same coloring and very similar; but once I realized it did not gain girth the further up I followed it with the light, I realized its a worm of some sort.

Between the serpent star and the unknown worm, they made pretty quick work of the snail. 1.5 hours go by and its feeding time, I didn't think I would get a pic of said worm, but lo and behold its back out and about...this time though; its coming out of a DIFFERENT rock it was in the first time I saw it....only hours later.

Anyway, here are some pics I got....I will be on the hunt for it more over the next few days, but I'm not sure if I SHOULD remove it (I THINK so, since its obviously eating my snail)....or even how to go about doing so. Why do these suckers decide to live in the BOTTOMOST rock in the tank??? I will be very angry when I have to unstack my whole left side of the tank in order to pull whichever rock it decides to be living in at the time of it's impending death via bleach or other methods recommended.......

Thanks for any and all are two pics I snapped a few minutes ago.

First pic, the offender is just to the right of the crab, and you can see the snail shell that once housed a happy snail person named 'Bob'.

Second picture you can see the worm retracting, and he is in just below and to the right of the cleaner shrimp and you can see the the snail formerly known as 'Bob' just below the worm (he has 2 red algae spots on him)

Again, hope you all can help....and thanks again.



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I believe this is a bad guy. Looks like a fire worm to me.

Quote from the link above.
"Fireworms are voracious predators that feed on soft and hard corals, anemones, and small crustaceans."

Back in the day I did some collecting down in the Florida Keys where there is a ton of these critters. They will eat anything they can catch. Most bristle worms are good guys. Fire Worms = bad guy. I would set a trap and get him out of there. Just don't touch him.
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