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There is a large livestock order (fish, corals, and invertebrates) coming in Friday morning.

A few highlights:

Red Goni w/neon eyes
Rainbow Trachyphyllia Super
Rainbow Fungia Super
Orange Fungia
Orange Fungia Super
Ultra Acropora
Ultra Named zoos and palys (Super Dragon-Eye Zoos)
Utlta Purple/Red Riccordia Yuma

Fu Manchu lion
Antennata lion
Bellus Angel pair
Chrysurus Angel subadult (super pricey special order)
A handful of really nice fairy wrasses inspired by Reef Life magazine (balteatus, laboutei,rosefascia,solorensis)
Trimma Gobies
Yashia Haze pair
Barnacle Blennies
Orange Spotted Blenny

Ninja Star Snails
Top Crown Snails (best hair algae eating snails out there)
Red Banded pistol shrimp
Peach Tip Nardoa star
Red Brittle Star
Knobby Brittle Star

That's just off the top of my head. I'll take pics as soon as it gets here!

Just send me a PM ;)
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wow, what an order!

The Yashias are my favorite small Goby! But I'm afraid they would meet the same fate as other small fish in my tank, food for the lobster :(
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