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This is another e-mail I received.
As always , please evaluate it for yourself.

Reef Central is working with Marine Specialties International, Inc. to provide a way for hobbyists and retail store owners to be directly involved in providing netting material to collectors in the Philippines and Indonesia.

To learn more about this project and hopefully lend some support, please see this thread.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Peace - JohnL

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For what it's worth, I know Mary Middlebrook very well. I have been talking to her for a while about this fundraiser, and I had even mentioned it to last year's BOD in passing when it was still in the conceptual stage - although no "formal" discussion of it was brought up - because the program was still being discussed and was nowhere near being implemented.

My business will be supporting this cause, and I encourage others to read up, inform themselves, and donate as they see fit.

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