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another alge question,

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okay i have a slight alge outbreak, it is brown alge and it is only on my rocks, now it isnt all over but only on like ledges of indivual peices, now i use ro water and my phosphates are at .01, i am going to try cutting back on my lighting schedual to see if this works, now my question is this, does this type of nusance agle feed of atinics? so say if i cut my mh time from 12 hrs to 9 hrs and left the atinics to run the 13hrs would that be okay? or do i need to cut that time down as well.????? thanks
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Need not worry! How old is your tank? This brown algae is actually brown diatoms which is very normal for your tank in the cycling process! You can siphoned it out with a turkey baster and add a few snails and a detritvore kit from Indo Pacific Sea Farm or Inland Aquatics HTH :)

It will disappear as fast as it appeared!;)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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