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I try to be nice and keep in contact with people with shipping of frags and so on. I make deals with people and I may some times be a little on the slow side getting things out but the one thing I always do is keep in touch and let the people have some sort of idea whats going on. I would hope I would get the same from the others at this forum but at this time 5 people refuse to acknoweldge emails, pms and for one an IM. I know this isn't prolly the best place for this post but I need to let people know I would like to here from them. I expect atleast a little message saying your working on getting the deal finished or even a go pee up a rope comment but not silence. I atleast gave yall an idea what was going on so have some respect for me. I would hate to name yall off and tell people to avoid doing buisness with you. But if thats what it comes to then so be it.

On one final note to the person I won a zoa from that still has yet to be recieved this post also is ment toward you. I don't like being accused of stupidity like you are taking me for. Don't offer something unless your willing to send it.

to moderators: I am sorry if this is to much of a flame but I was hoping to get more from the members of trt than I had gotten in the past from other boards.
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that's always my biggest concern when dealing with someone online, or with total strangers, relatively speaking.

it's nice when someone earns a god reputation.

to date i've only bought something used from one trt member, and that was casey.

i'll state for the record that casey is safe to do business with :) he's a stand up guy, and sent exactly what was promised, in exactly the shape i was told it would be in.

i'm sure there ae MANY others here that are jsut as honest and forthcoming. i jsut havent had the pleasure of delaing with them yet.

i know where you are coming from too. i'm building a canopy for stevejess, which has now turned into two canopies and a stand :eek: it's taken a very long time, but i have stayed in contact with him via pm, email, and phone. i agree that silence or avoidance is the biggest letdown. i can deal with delays but not with being ignored :rolleyes:

i HOPE it works out and you get what was promised and or sold to you.

i'm no moderator, but i dont think its a flame, and i think its totally appropriate. i find it inappropriate that you are bing ignored no matter what the reason may be. and i commend you for bringing it up. i know that if i were to do business with anyone else, i would appreciate knowing if that person has a good/safe reputation or not. though some mods may not agree.

edit: i have also done business with Lise @ underwater creations, as well as stoneyreef but i consider that a bit different since they are businesses, and itowuld behoove them to build a good reputation.

i'll recommend underwater creations to anyone neding good prices and great service.

i'll recommend stoney...after i find out if the combo reactor works :lol:
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I have done more than a little business with members here, at R**fcentral and at at the Aqualink board. It is always a cr*pshoot. DO NOT take it personally, people that act like this toward you either A) have a reason for it that you don't know about or B) they do it to everybody. Stick to keeping up with your side and all will work out, unfortunately it is not always on our own time table. I am impatient and anal though, so like you I give and expect lots of contact, strangely not everyone feels that way...:) I feel your pain.

Moderators: Perhaps a buyer/seller feedback forum like the one at RC would work well here. .02

For the record - I am great to do business with :D!!! Anyone need a seaclone, UGF or powersweep ??:p

It was great dealing with you, all three colts are doing great. The package showed up right when we were aobut to leave for labor day weekend. I wanted to leave good feedback on this thread just so people will understand it works both ways.

If you still have stuff for sale I would be very interested! Just PM me and let me know!
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