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Anemone with a torn foot

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We have had a bubble Anemone for a few days and it has been well inflated and wondering itself around a rock trying to find a place for itself. It wedged itself under a rock which is particularly sharp and has torn its foot. It is quite a big gash , red around it and white lumps. Does anyone have any advice or just can tell me whether its likely to pull through, its still moving but just folding itself up its not looking great, there's a picture where you can see the tear slightly, its mouth has gone back in a bit more now and and a few of its tips are slightly inflated again .


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I havent dipped it. We let it be and it just keeps trying to move around the tank. It was puffing up nicely and fed but when we looked today its face down on the bottom so we lifted it on to a rock which its moved off and is now face down again and now looks more damaged than it was.
pic attached. We will just have to leave it now and hope for the best.
Has anyone had an anenome recover from this before? Or should I just accept its a goner?


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No it is still in tact but has lost tentacles from rolling around on its front, we managed to get it to reattach to a rock yesterday but this morning its on its face again and not reacting to anything, we lifted it to the surface and theres no smell and it stays whole so I have put it in a bag in the tank to keep it from spoiling the rest of the tank, but dont want to kill it. I think its already half way gone though, it doesn't react to any movement which yesterday it did. Very sad, lost all hope for it now.
Im afraid so. It started to release alot of cloudy substances in to the water so i am glad i got it out and in to the bag when i did as i read that the toxins it releases when it dies can spike the amonia and nitrate levels and possibly wipe out the entire tank. We tested the water it was in to test the theory and the levels were sky high.
i think they can come back from being damaged but as the nem just wouldn't settle and stay in one place it just kept further damaging itself. Such a shame, but a learning curve we will not get another one for a while.
thanks for all of your replies and help
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