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Hi all. I'm new to nems and I have a long tentacle anemone. It's been in my tank for a month. The tank's a biocube 29g w metal halides reef tank with about 15x flow, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates all at zero. pH 8.2. Spec Grav 1.025. Temp 75. I use NSW from a clean beach to change the water. Tank's been up for about 9mo, but not complete -- adding rock and macroalgae as I go.

The LTA alternates between inflated and deflated. Heard that's normal, but I should be concerned if it happens too frequently. Right now, it's cycling back and forth about once a day, and will be seriously deflated for an hour or two, then come back up. The color seems good (not bleached, a soft brown to green). I've attached some pictures.


Is that a normal amount? If not, any suggestions on what might be causing it?
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