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And the Good *onday Mornin thread?

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OK, guys. Someone's dropping the ball on this. I got it 2 morns in a row. Whats up with that?? Well, Good *onday Mornin to you all!!!

Kids are off to school shortly and theres work to be done. Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!!!

Ta Ta For Now!!!!
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Good morning!
Good Morning Everyone!

Will be off to work in a few and another day of taking in the smoke! The Sheriff department escorted 200 families to their homes yesterday for 30 minutes and then they had to leave again! My prayers go out to them!

Everyone enjoy thier Monday the best way you can!:)
well good morning to everyone, they are calling for more rain today in this area of the east coast. i would really love to have water in a tank instead of the yard right now
Good Mawnin' TRT!!!

Nicole! Once again you saved the day! I'm just glad no one gave you the cubes or pincers to get the rest of us out of slumber.

tims said:
well good morning to everyone, they are calling for more rain today in this area of the east coast. i would really love to have water in a tank instead of the yard right now
Yup! We got dumped on last evening too. Only a 30% chance today, but...

Johnny! That's quite a scene with you out there. Prayers out to you for your safety.

Love, hugs, peace and a safe place to live to all of TRT!
Morning, Back from a week of vacation and all is fine in Homer's reef. Burried here at work so will check back in later.

Morning yall...after a busy weekend of sports, Lets see, my boy's Football game (the first of the year) was Friday, the Falcon's game was Saturday (Vick got hurt), plus bowling later that night (the Sports Authority in Downtown Atlanta has a sale on bowling shoes), the Braves game on Sunday (I got my picture taken with John Smoltz, and we got some really good shots of Russ Ortiz and Greg Maddux before we were chased out of the Bullpen), and now I am glad to be at work, I need the rest.

Good morning TRT! It is going to be another hot one today with temps as high as 105. It is already 90 degrees outside. I am thankful for a nice air conditioned office. Have a great day!

Good Morning to all. Been gone a few days and gezzzz so much has happened around here.

Nice to be back!

Everyone have a GREAT day!!!
morning all!!! i, i mean afternoon, err, well, ok, so it's really evening :rolleyes:

long day at work today!! it was DEFINITLY a *ONDAY!!!!!

only GOOD thing that happend today was tlaking with lise (squid) on the phone and ordering my new quiet one 6000 :D

well, looks like i have plenty of catching up to do here.. hope everyone had a great day!

awwww Jay, that's sweet...first time in a long time someone said I was the only good thing that happened in there day!! OH Was that cause of the deal we made on the pump...LOL
nah, that was your wonderfully charming voice and attitude :)

though, the deal was sweet too :D

you'll definitely be receiveing MANY more orders from me as this tank is setup!!!!
Andy, 105!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats So Oregon hot spell, I hope you don't have that infamous midwest humidity to go with it:(
That stuff kills :( its 100 here and humidity is < 40 % its warm but OK
Johnny, That is so terrible, we went thru it last year and the not knowing and being at the mercy of a wind shift is real hard to take, esp on top of chokin on smoke and the Mid day sun being a dim orange dot in the sky :(
Take care , you and Pat. If you have to evacuate and wind up near Bigfork on Flathead Lake, Stop in at Pam's Place and Tell my sister in law your friends of mine. If she dont get you taken care of I will send the Or Militia/ReefSWAT over to give her whatfor :)
ps codephrase is Doug and Dyan, Dons sis :D
Thanks Doug for the offer! Three homes have been lost so far! The smoke is still pretty bad! Taking it day by day!:(
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