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OK, so. Always liked the look of a school of fish in a tank. Now I have the opportunity, I decided to take it, and got a small group of blue/green chromis.

So now, of course, I have to do a "head count" every morning.
This morning, one was missing. Scan the floor. Nothing.
Check the overflow. Nothing.
Check the sump. Nothing.
Check the skimmer. Nope.
Peek around the rockwork some more. Nope.
Floor again. Uh uh.

The lovely and talented Mrs thegrimreefer wanders in to help search. She says she can't see any but the ones in the display, and the one in the frag tank.

The one in the frag tank?????

I didn't put one in the frag tank.

And the frag tank is, at the moment, isolated from the rest, so he didn't get there through plumbing.
So this fish lept out of the 125, and landed in the 40 frag. and no small feat that... there's a very small overlap of the two, and that is mostly covered by a Luminarc:

And this was a leap of faith, too, since the 40 is not visible from within the 125, walled off with sheets of black acrylic. This fish had to hit a very small window of width, angle and speed to have made that jump.


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