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America has lost a great man

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I heard Bob Hope died this morning .............He was a great man
I loved watching his movies and his tours visiting the soldiers. There will never be anyone like him.............

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My goodness, he did leave a big legacy, didn't he?

My children, in today's global society that allows servicemen overseas to easily reach home and loved ones through email and telephone, will never understand what Bob Hope did for the thousands and thousands of service men and women who were able to see his shows and have a connection with home and the USA.

God Bless him.

Yes! Yes, Yes! His contribution to society was tremendous.
Bob Hope was one of a kind and a great man!

Remember watching his tours on TV to the servicemen whereever they may be!:)
Bob Hope spentalot of his adult life showing his adopted country how much he appreciated being here :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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