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hubby and i bought a randall's pistol shrimp and a tangaroa goby about a month ago... the shrimp was soooo tiny, that when he went into the tank, i didn't expect to see him again for ages, if ever....
(this is him in a turbo snail-shell he hid in during transport from lfs, and my fingers, not hubby's, lol, for perspective)

well last night, i was enjoying my tank and saw a puff of sand where there's usually not much current.... so i went for a closer look... and sure enough, it's my little shrimp, excavating tunnels under a piece of l-r front/center of my tank! woooohooooo! i'm still grinning @ finding him alive and well, lol

what's the longest one of your tank residents has been MIA only to be found safe and sound and happy?

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Grumpy the yellow watchman goby disappeared day 1 of being added to my nano. six months later I found him in the back chamber. He is not yellow anymore, more of a grey :)

I also added a rbta and it disappeared day also. Four months later I found it in my sump in the basement. Not sure how it survived with no light for that long.
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