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Alone in the world

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Hellllooooo, Is anybody out there?

I am Tide Pool Guy, as far as I know, the only one, of my kind in the known universe. No fish, unless they are very small tide pool types, just inverts. Water temp is 60 to 65 degrees F. Chiller 24 and seven manditory. So can't play in any tropical games. Can't buy live sand, or live rock etc. Have to make my own. They love me at the fish stores. Why do this? Saw a tank like I what I want in 1968, and fell in love. Now 35 years later, still in love. But now I have some money. If you live near a rocky beach (ocean), livestock is "free" So mighty hunter, go forth with your net and bucket, and bring 'em back alive. Monsters in your living room.

rolo Tomazze Portland OR.
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I think a personal tide pool would be awesome!

The MN Zoo has one with anenomes and star fish....very cool. Especially when the water rushes in. No lighting to worry about, as the anem's are not zooxanthelle dependent.

Please excuse my's been a long day.

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