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After much debate I've decided to part ways with my reef system.
This system has never been set up so it 's in new condition.
Due to my work requirements I never had the time to set it up,
so I'm making it available so you can enjoy it.

Anyone who knows about reef keeping or has done their research knows this is a SUPER DEAL!


Email me: misc510email [at] gmail

Call: 908-361-8555

Due to the size of this tank this is a Pick up only. No Shipping.


* 120 Gallon (48" x 24" x 24") All Glass aquarium.
Pre-drilled and feature overflows which are installed on the back wall of the aquarium.

* 48" x 24" Two panel glass canopy


Oceanic Light Oak Water Resistant Cabinet

LIGHTS SYSTEM (48.25" x 8.25" x 4.5""):

Orbit Extreme 24 Hour Lighting System (#1024)

* 2 Dual Actinic 420nm/460nm
* 2 Dual Daylight 6,700K/10,000K
* 4 Built-in Moon White Lunar Lights
* Built in fans

Light fixture has independent switches for each feature
so you can control dusk/dawn/moon 24 Hrs light simulation.


* 30 Gallon (36x16x12) Oceanic Reef Ready Sump (model 2)
This remote-style filtration unit is pivotal component
in any Reef Ready system.

* Nautilus TE-in-Sump Protein Skimmer - 23 in. x 8 1/4 in.

* (2) Oceanic Overflow Accessory Kit - For use with All-Glass or Oceanic aquariums.
Includes all necessary plumbing parts for connecting the overflow aquarium,
including bulkheads, standpipe and modular pipe.


* Oceanic Natural Sea Salt Mix (250 Gallons: All natural sea salt formulation for
marine fish and invertebrates; Micro-Crystal technology offers superior solubility and clarity;
NO nitrate, phosphate, or ammonia - reduces aggressive algae growth.

Oceanic Natural Sea Salt Mix - 50 Gallon
Oceanic Natural Sea Salt Mix - 200 Gallon

* Seachem Multi Test Marine Basic - This kit combines the marine ph & alkalinity,
ammonia and nitrite & nitrate kits into one kit.

* Kent Marine Platinum Reef Herbivore Med Pellet 5 oz.
Reef Herbivore is a diet formulated for all fishes that feed on
algae, plants, and phytoplankton in the wild.

* KENT MARINE KALKWASSER MIX - provides supplemental calcium to reef inhabitants
while promoting growth of purple, pink, and green calcareous algae.

* Kent Marine - Turbo Calcium 200 gram - TURBO CALCIUM provides bio-available calcium
for lush growth of purple, pink and green calcareous algae, snails, hard tube worms and clams.

The total value of what's included is over $2,200 not including the taxes, toll's and shipping that was paid.

Asking Price: $1,200 cash for EVERYTHING!

Go to any pet store and they will charge you more for a tank and stand of this size alone!

This package is priced to moved and will be sold to the first serious offer.

* No items from this package will be sold separately.
* The asking price is final.

Email me: misc510email [at] gmail

Call 908-361-8555

Due to the size of this tank this is a Pick up only. No Shipping.
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