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Ok my tank is ok i guess
High range PH-8.2
I dont remember which one, but one of them was really close, i believe it was the ammonia, i couldnt tell if it was .25 or 0.
But anyway, is this decent parems? I had 4 green chromis, but dropped to 1, i also have little islands of algea floating around, is this bad?, i have a lot of algea, all red, growing everywhere, i have green, but very little, i have a lot of hair algea. Im not adding fish anymore, till i get 0's across the board, but i dont really want to use additives. I cant find the last chromis that died, is this bad? do they give off any chemicals that would hurt anything? Well input would be cool.


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Well on the .25 ammonia reading, sounds like flaky test kit result, but the 20 nitrate with a dead fish isnt surprising. As it rots it releases a lot of nutrient into the system that feeds the algae.
What size tank and how is it set up, live rock and sand bed, live sand? Have you added any detrivores to the tank, like sand from others tanks with pods, worms, mini stars etc.
A reef is a complex system and all the parts need to be at least close to OK to function correctly, HTH
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