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Algea, whats it from ??

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Heres another Q: about algea. First I brown algea. Its all gone, and now a new one came in. Its kind of thicker and a brownish green. I will post some pictures in about an hour or but was wondering if any one knew. This is whats currently in my tank:

16 Gallon
1x96W Coralife Aqualight CF hood w/ Quad 50/50 -Square Pin+
35lbs of LR
1.5lbs of LS
4 Green Chromi
2 Clowns
1 Damsel
1 Banded Shrimp
3 Blue Legg Hermit Crabs
3 Bumble Bee snails
1 Scooter (the colorful one, starts with an "M")
3 Pink tip Anenomes
1 Purple Anenome
1 polyp (Still hasn't opened after 5 days)
Purple and Green Shrooms

7:00am- 7:30pm lights go one for morning feeding
Feed them forzen brine shrimp

One small feeding before the lights go out.

I add a tablespoon of Kents Coral-Accel each morning along with PH buffer. Every other day I add a small amount of Kents liwuid calcium. I add about 3/4-1 gallons of tap water with drops each day for evaporation. I do water changes each week.

Nitrate 0
Nitrite 0
PH 8.4
Amonia 0
temp 80

Its been up for about 2 months today. :D .. anyone know whats causing the algea ? I was thinking about getting some more crabs. Would that help.

Pictures soon to come....

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At the grocery stores, whats it called ?

what is what called? the water, not sure never got it there but it is in a big water machine thingy, why not invest in a RO/DI?
yeah my grocey store sells ro water for a around 30 cents a gallon if i bring my own jug. (they even let me bring my five gallon buckets now, and then just scan the jug 5 times :))

the machine is labeled as "crystal creek, purified drinking water"
the sticker on the machine reads "reverse osmosis purified water, etc.. explains that the machine uses a 5 micron filter, then a carbon filter, then another filter, then another 5 micron filter, then a deionozation unit" but it's much more detailed than that on the sticker. so really it's rodi water..

they also have it prepackaged in the softdrink isle in gallon and 3 gallon jugs. labeled simply drinking water, but the small print states reverse osmosis purified water.

you dont want distilled water.
Eight fish in a 16 gallon? That is way too many fish. You will continue to have an algae problem with all those fish no matter what. Just my .02
I may be upgrading to a 30gallon show tank this weekend...Im also going to be taking out some <>< ..

21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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