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Use as an enhancement to your existing filtration system or as primary filter. These filters are also great to use on fish only tanks to deal with sloppy eaters and fish waste. Also to supply food for those fish that are finicky eaters (mandarin fish, leopard wrasse, butterfly fish, filter feeding corals, and others)
Setup is simple, water feed connection on top of unit, and the drain should be connected to a sump or a refugium , then pumped to your display tank. The unit should be installed with gravity water feed and drain so no pump should be required. The unit requires 14 hours of daily lighting for algae growth. ( 5100k lighting fixture and bulb included) bulbs are compact fluorescent very low watt consumption, algae growth will appear in one month with continuous lighting. Full filter maturity takes approximately three months. You can speed things up by purchasing a piece of seeded screen from a vender mentioned in the instructions.

Commonly grown algae are derbesia species (hair algae).
This filter produces large amounts of reef flora, micro alage, Polychaetes, sponges, worms, swarms of mysid shrimp, codepods and amphipods, which all support and help feed the reef (fish, corals, and crustaceans). The coralline algae quickly grows and spreads through out the filter and display tank.
The filtration from the algae turf is fantastic. The only maintenance is the algae turf on the screen. It must be harvested weekly or bi weekly by scraping the screen with a comb to remove some of the algae. This also removes nutrients, nitrate, phosphate, pollutants, and heavy metals from the water that the algae absorb while growing. And the algae doe’s not remove as much trace elements and minerals like a skimmer does. The algae growth will not spread outside the filter because the rich supply of nutrients and oxygen supplied by the surge across the algae screen from the dump bucket.Detailed instructions included with each unit.size 12"w x 16"h x 30"L , total water volume 120gal to 350gal. $300.00 price includes shipping to lower 48 states.paypal and personal checks.


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