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Affordable lighting: Brand new PC 2 x 96W retrokit plus extra bulb
This setup is perfect for someone who wants to pay affordable cost for a decent lighting setup for your reef. A total of 192W Power compact retrokit with extra bulb for your needs. The total lenght of this setup is around 34"Everything is pre-wired. All you need to do is screw it under your canopy and fire up.

Specification: Everything is brand new, unused.

The bulbs are 10K, Ultra antinic and 50/50. Bulb's length is 32.5" and straight 4 pin configuration. The brand name is Catalina.

The brand name is workhorse7. Size spec. H 1", W 1.72", L 18.50". Weight 18 OZ. Maximum power 220W.

End Caps (2 of them)

Linear Waterproof Endcap

34" x 6" reflector with 4 clips already attached for your lighting. I don't have picture.

This is the similar setup look like, the actual one is longer

This is a break down of each if you buy separate:
Bulbs: at $35 each x 3 quan. = $105.
Ballast: $45.
End caps plus power cord and wires: $20
Reflector and 4 clips: $30
Total: $200 at retail price plus shipping

I am asking is $129.99. Shipping is $19.99. Insurance is optional. You can pick it up if you live near by. I have 3 different lights setup. I think it's good to consolidate for get cash for other things.

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i just found out that my hours this month were cut 120 to about 30, so i am excessively poor this month. if you have not sold it by next month's frag swap ill buy it from you. i have been meaning to upgrade from my single 96watt strip.
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