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Advice on lighting

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It's time to replace bulbs for my 200 gallon tank. I currently have 2-160 watt VHO's and 3-250 10K Metal Halides. My question is should I stay with the 10K Metal Halides or go with something higher? If so, why?

Opinions appreciated.


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Do you like the color you are getting now? If you do stick with it. I think a lot of people are running the 10000k and the VHO actinis.
Long time no see Pam.............
How is the growth of the corals.............if it is fine i wouldnt change a thing................Your tank looked wonderful the last time i saw it..........
I agree.

With out seeing the setup, but knowing the most popular color combinations, the 10k with VHO suppliments is what I would have preferedon my tank. Good Color and good growth.

I have limited room so needed to go with the 20k's to get the color I wanted. I'd stick with the same setup you currently have.

Stay with 10K

Doug McIntyre just gave a presentation on lighting. Doug's preference for lighting would be an electronic ballast from IceCap for the double ended metal halide bulb 250W 10,000 Kelvin and the use of actinic fluorescent bulbs.
Ironically, the bulb which benefits SPS and LPS corals the most is the 10K HQI bulb, which has a whitish yellow-blue color. The second best bulb is the Iwasaki 6.5K bulb, which gives off a yellowish-green color.
If you check our ARC website you will find the rest of the story.
ive experimented with 4 different 250 halides and i like the 10k ushios the best. i run them in 400 watt and 250. ive experienced problems with the aqualine bulbs they quit working (2 bulbs)very fast. the 12k sunburst looses its intensity in three months. the iwasaki is just plain ugly.
We use Icecap ballasts with Aqualine bulbs. Sounds like we should stay with the 10K's. I'm not dissatisfied with what we have. I guess I was just curious what the difference would be with the 12K or 14K bulbs. But since we already have actinics, I was wondering if the light would be too blue.


YES.i have the ice cap ballast also. it gives you the opportunity to try any bulb made
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