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acropora and crabs

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Hello everyone,

I got a small piece of acropora a few weeks ago. I have since noticed a crab sitting inside of it. I don't have a camera so I cannot get a pic. The crab looks to be pinkish color with black tips on its claws. Should I try to get this little guy out or just leave him in there. I know all about claws being bad for the tank but he doesn't seem to bother my zoo's or anthelia.

Thanks for the help ;)
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If he's not hairy, let him be. If he's the pinkish type with the bandits mask, he's a commensal crab and will actually benefit the Acropora.
I have a pinkish crab living in a acro for years! He is fun to watch when it's feeding time. Never hurt a thing. Bob
Thanks for the link. The top picture on the link with the piece of acropora looks like my guy :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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