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Acro Spawning

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I got home tonight and checking out my tank and happen to glance at my sps Acro and noticed very tiny white threads coming from the polyps and it last about 5 minutes and stopped. The sps looks great so was curious as to what was happening! Was going to take a pic but batteries were dead!:rolleyes:
Also on my moon coral I noticed a couple of very long transparent threads with a small head on it coming from the coral so was wondering if that may have been spawning! Very interesting!:)
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Dunno about spawning or not, Johnny, but that sure sounds neat! Confound batteries being out at the wrong time.
I know what your talking about Montana, I see that all the time on my pocilopora but mainly near where it's close to the seriatopora. I don't know , it might be a reaction to them being so close. Although I have found 3 new pocilopora corals growing in the tank that started by themselves just recently. :) Keep your eyes open for babies :)
Donations of baby corals will be gladly accepted here in my tank.... :)
Johnny, I know exactly what you are talking about. In Eric Borneman's first book, he describes acropora and most sps corals are capable of releasing digestive strands called acontia filaments. These acontia are agressive structures used to digest the tissue of adjacent corals, so care must be taken to avoid contact between species. Mine will do this from time to time and IME, it is usually at feeding time for the fish. I had always contributed it to a feeding responce.


my 180g ecosystem sps/clam tank:

my 120g ecosystem sps tank:
Thanks Sue and everyone for the feed back!

Very interesting Sue since this is the only sps coral I have at the moment!:)

Better read more on Eric Borneman's Coral book!:rolleyes:
Johnny, I found that in Eric's first book. I would imagine though he covers it in his second book too. I don't think that the sps release that only to other sps corals, but any.
Ok thanks a bunch you guys! Feel better to know what was happening!;)
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