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Acro infestation

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Anybody else had these little things?

I've got a few colonies with them now, they definitly are hurting the corals, infected colonies loose color

I've got them on several blue & purple tip corals, and on a yellow slimer, and the teal coral in pic
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I have had them as has a few other people I know. I noticed them when I lost my 6 line wrasse....coincidence? I have a 6 line again and there are no signs of them. The bugs never hurt my corals though, but they were identical to the ones pictured. I have heard small gobies will also eat them. You can do a search on RC and have a field day with information....
I read a few of the threads on RC, but there really wasnt much info on them.

I have a mandarin and 2 oki gobies now, neither seems to eat them.

I'm afraid I cant get a 6line due to the mandarin, I may setup a cube tank and rotate the corals though it, and dips to control them.

L8r mega
I've had them for 3 months now. I originally lost two corals and suspected these guys, but I think I lost them due to other circumstances. They are currently on 3 of my corals and have been with no ill effect. As Andy said, there is all kinds of information on them on RC, as well as some remedy's (home grown that is) that are reported to remove them. But since they aren't causing any harm in my tank I decided to let them be.

If you are refering to a 6-line Wrasse and a Mandarin Goby I can vouch that there are no problems (with mine atleast). They get along fine in the 90.

The posts on RC dont offer much of anything hardcore, some had dips work, some didnt.

some had no damage from them, some did

I'm definitly leary of putting a 6 line in with my mandarin, only a 75g tank I think it would be pushing the natural pod population for the mandarin
That's resonable. I didn't know it was a 75. To me, a 90 is flirting with that edge, but they've been fat and happy for a year so.... So far so good... :)

The info on RC provided a lot of good information, but there was nothing concrete when I was looking into it. So I decided not to do anything until I saw damage caused by them. Once again so far so good.

Good luck with this, I know several people on this board have had these bugs but I don't know if any ill effects thus far.

BTW I love all the picture documentation on your tank. Looks Great!!

Just an update on this, I dipped the worst corals today, 500ml water .5ml iodine

the little buggers bailed almost instantly, they swim super fast, then die, also big pods died quickly, I'll know within a few days if I was able to get all of them on the affected corals
I have had those in the past but I can't find any now nor have I seen them in the past several months. I know they are still there but they are not on any corals. IME they have not had any detrimental effect on my corals. I do have a 6-line but I haven't seen him picking at them. He may be the reason for the decline in numbers but I can't say for sure.

FWIW I tried a Lugols dip and while the bugs did bail out in mass there were still several living and swimming even after being in the dip for over an hour. IMO if you don't get all of them then you probably aren't doing any good.

Good luck and keep us informed.
I think I got them all, how strong was your dip? At 500ml to .5ml the water is pretty brown, I didnt dare leave the coral in the water too long.

They died within 5 seconds from entering the dip, the erratic fast swimming appears to be an attempt to find better conditions, but they sure didnt make it very far.

Even killed large amphipods within seconds, these buggers were 1+cm in sized, probably 50x larger than the little ones.

They definitly hurt my corals, infected vs non infected of same coral is a night and day difference.

My current plan is infected corals will be fragged and dipped, clean frags will go into a new 60g cube tank i'm setting up in my office. I'll dip and hopefully clean the main tank, if not I'll have backup frags of infected corals.

I cant dip the big colonies, some have multiple acro crabs, that will definitly die from the iodine.

I've also got the bugs on yellow slimers, there are most definitly several species of these pods, some prefer tricolors and dont do damage, but some do damage on a wider variety of corals.
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Just a quick note I have had a 6-line and a mandarin in a 55 for over a year and they are doing fine.
It's pushing the limit, a 6line and mandarin in that size tank.

Not that I didnt consider it, but if anything goes wrong later down the road, the mandarin will be the one that suffers. I just love the little guy, he finally posed for me a few days ago..
He wont be in there much longer, Moving up to a 125 soon
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