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Acid Test is no Blue Planet, says Sarah Van Schagen, the editor who reported on the documentary playing on the Discovery Channel this month, over at Gristmill.

She says the movie has a lot more green-screen technology than the Discovery Channel's Blue Planet series, also covering the ocean, which unfortunately means: a lot less live footage of the beautiful sailing seas.

Perhaps Acid Test is a lot less positive, too. After all, how can one speak merrily about the carbon dioxide build up that is happening in our oceans.

The 30 minute film talks of the threat of the chemical changes happening in our oceans, which lead to increased levels of CO2--the ocean has absorbed about one quarter of the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution.

Although it's fortunate that the CO2 in the ocean does not contribute to the global warming going on around us, we shouldn't go parading down the streets yet. Ocean acidification is still as much of a threat as anything else.

For more on the film, check out Sarah's stellar review on Gristmill and check out Acid Test throughout the mont on Discovery Channel as part of their Discovery Planet Green's "Blue August".

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