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Just bought two small skunk cleaner shrimp, a smallish marble star, a ruby (mithrax) crab, and 4 nassarius snails.

Ok, so can I slowly drip the star and the shrimp in the same bag? I know both need a really slow acclimation process, and since we only have one drip line, thought about putting these guys in togethser. Would this be ok?

Also, two other dilemmas: the crab- obviously, I don't want to put a potentially hungry crab in with the star and the shrimp- would a slow, float-bag on top of tank, slowly add tank water method work for him?

One more (sorry!!)- my husband unfortunately (before I could stop him and tell him better!!) just put the snails in the tank- no acclimation!:angry:
Any chance they'll make it??

Thanks in advance for your hlep!
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