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Absent for about 10 days

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For all you landlocked folks, ;) I will be "sealocked", 200 miles offshore, from June 3 through June 12th aboard the research vessel Pelican, working with University of South Florida and University of Miami, looking at the potential commensal symbiosis between N-fixing Trichodesmium cyanobacteria and N-limited red tide (Karenia brevis).

I'm supposed to tell you guys to give Jerel heck while I'm gone. Keep him on his toes. I'll have no computer access, so I'll miss you guys :D.
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"and we'll wish calm water for ya.... "

Heheh, where's the fun in that?

"Chris who?????????????????"

Hey Buzz_Hog, did you hear somethin?
Har har Doug. :D
Hey Alice, thanks for the welcome, about to go drop the pics off at wally world. Details will follow. :)

Hi everyone!
"So how'd the marezine work?"

God bless you... that is all I have to say about that. ;).
There were solid squalls the first 4 days.

10 foot breakers, 200 miles offshore:
Swooping down from the heavens.
...and pummelling us with 40 knot winds and horizontal rains.
There were some nice sunsets as the squalls went over us.
...and then, all was calm (this is almost the exact same lat and long where the storm photo was taken).
Launching the drifter that would track the Trichodesmium spp. bloom we were studying. We all ended up hating that thing...
Thanks Jerel :)
The drogue in the water.
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