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A stormy Saturday

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GALE WARNINGS are now up for a wet windy day.

Top of the morning, and a wet one at that......HAPPY SATURDAY TO EVERYONE!
Coffee is fresh, as always, as is CIBMC on a 'work day'. Still an assortment of pies and cheesecakes to hold ya's off till someone more breakfast'sy comes along.

Heading to the creek.....Yeah, right? 2 boats to launch....Yeah, right? Deep breath......well, heading to the creek.

Hey Perry,
Is Karter a boy or a girl Hack?
Hand Arm Comfort Neck Human body

Miss Karter Madison, is most decidedly a girl.

Nose Cheek Skin Chin Vertebrate

We got to see Our new Grandaughter last night when I got home from work........yeah Grandmom was in all Her glory.
They should be coming home today God willing.

Stopped for dinner afterwards, so didn't get a chance last night to check in......was whooped.

Sunshine, just not here, and lollipops to All,
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Hey Pal.....
Any indications whether they were vandal initiated or 'glitches in the matrix'?
Nothing worse than having one's hopes up to go one direction, when the carpet is pulled out from under Ya making you have to go another. Hope it goes FAST n SMOOTH!
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Hey HEY Pal! Glad the culprits were ID'd, though annoying, still good knowing. is there enough time left to go PLAY bang bang with memories of the good times?("Left a lengthy orate on our gun thread.")

And THANKS for the heads up about a possible aurora, though I'm not confident our skies will allow. Will always take the opportunity to look up.

Home from the wet creek after almost 2 hours. Got the two boats in, simple launches, they did everything themselve's. Stayed dry, pretty much, till the last launch.....rain out to the lift....rain starts.....sock n repeat. Finally in a 45+mph deluge, just scunched the neck and stayed with was HONK'N! But they're gone, and so was I.

Got my 3rd cup of joe, and a dry seat in my recliner watching Mother Nature have a hissy fit.
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Doug, you're the first person aside from Our Clan that has ever mentioned their dogs eating carrots......Our's love them! (y)

Hey Vinnie! Too far off to allow it to become PLAN A at this point, but am giving thoughts to a MEET n GREET this evening. DON'T HOLD ME TO IT....I'm a weak man if fun pops up here. If I appear absent latter in the day/evening, fear the worst and start without me if there's one. I'll be over here laughing my silly butt off.
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