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A stormy Saturday

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GALE WARNINGS are now up for a wet windy day.

Top of the morning, and a wet one at that......HAPPY SATURDAY TO EVERYONE!
Coffee is fresh, as always, as is CIBMC on a 'work day'. Still an assortment of pies and cheesecakes to hold ya's off till someone more breakfast'sy comes along.

Heading to the creek.....Yeah, right? 2 boats to launch....Yeah, right? Deep breath......well, heading to the creek.

Hey Perry,
Is Karter a boy or a girl Hack?
Hand Arm Comfort Neck Human body

Miss Karter Madison, is most decidedly a girl.

Nose Cheek Skin Chin Vertebrate

We got to see Our new Grandaughter last night when I got home from work........yeah Grandmom was in all Her glory.
They should be coming home today God willing.

Stopped for dinner afterwards, so didn't get a chance last night to check in......was whooped.

Sunshine, just not here, and lollipops to All,
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Good mawnin’, Hack, Rick, and all of TRT

thanks for the coffee and CIB milk chocolate, Hack. I will add orange juice, muffins, waffles, with heated Canadian maple syrup and nanners. This hurry breakfast is not to be confused with the Sunday breakfast.

Hack, that sweet little granddaughter of yours, sure is a beauty! Congratulations again and again
Be safe out there at the creek! Those winds don’t sound like a good idea for you, or anyone to be playing or working outside in them. Duh!

Rick, sorry to hear about their random fire alarms at the hotel. I wonder what shorted them out? I hope you can figure out what the problem is so that doesn’t keep happening.

We are having our share of winds gusting up to 50 mph as well. Bobbi is driving to 2 different rehearsals today, and those winds make that little bit nerve-racking.

I am totally bummed out that South Carolina women lost to Iowa last night. Kaitlyn Clark of Iowa made 41 points! Three-point plays were in short supply for both teams. Now I’d like to see LSU beat Iowa in the final game.

Vinnie, how are your grandkids doing and what is the latest on your seahorses? I miss hearing you talk about both.

Jeff, please get us up-to-date with how both of your puppies are doing. Details and photos are needed.

lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone!
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Hi, guys!

Jeff - I saw somewhere in the weather about your area yesterday, and hearing that your area of Indiana and tornado trouble. Thanks for letting us know what was going on in your area.

Count me in on wanting to see those wheels for your ‘50 Merc.

Doug, I niece of mine lives in Moore, OK, and she was a little bit excited about their windy weather, but that’s all I heard. My brother, who lives in Norman, tends to not to get very excited about it. They’ve lived in that part of Oklahoma for over 40 years, and Greg has never actually seen a funnel cloud. (Heck, I’ve seen a funnel cloud here.) But Greg has seen the devastation tornados cause scores of times over the years.
By the way, you have worked hard enough and cleaning around and otherwise policing the area around your stove. You deserve to have a break tonight

Rick - interesting report about the cause of those fire alarms at your hotel, especially that last one! Sounds like a bunch of partying people that didn’t use good sense.
Hope you get to see an aurora borealis tonight and maybe will even see one down here. I’ll look to see if I can find out anything about our area.

i’ve lost track about how many people had snowflakes in the past 24 hours. It did not happen here, and I suspect it did not happen for Vinnie.

OK, I’ve dawdled long enough, it’s time for me to get going with my taxes.🙄😂

Carry on, and be groovy about it tonight!
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Doug -

Sorry, but I won’t be able to do Saturday night chats this week or next.
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