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A stormy Saturday

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GALE WARNINGS are now up for a wet windy day.

Top of the morning, and a wet one at that......HAPPY SATURDAY TO EVERYONE!
Coffee is fresh, as always, as is CIBMC on a 'work day'. Still an assortment of pies and cheesecakes to hold ya's off till someone more breakfast'sy comes along.

Heading to the creek.....Yeah, right? 2 boats to launch....Yeah, right? Deep breath......well, heading to the creek.

Hey Perry,
Is Karter a boy or a girl Hack?
Hand Arm Comfort Neck Human body

Miss Karter Madison, is most decidedly a girl.

Nose Cheek Skin Chin Vertebrate

We got to see Our new Grandaughter last night when I got home from work........yeah Grandmom was in all Her glory.
They should be coming home today God willing.

Stopped for dinner afterwards, so didn't get a chance last night to check in......was whooped.

Sunshine, just not here, and lollipops to All,
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Good Morning, kinda late check in for me., Dawgs needed a little extra attention, Tiki has been limpy for a few days, Jojo accidently stepped on his foot, I have him on dawggy CBD and some meloxacam left over from his last major vet trip. Furgee went out to do her morning sweep the compound, came back in soaking so a towel dry off with plenty of kisses and carrots got her back to happy. She is such a lovy dog and has learned towel massage is quality dawggy daddy time.
Looks like we get heavy precip, snow over 2000', rainy down here but generally unpleasant weather. I have been trying to track the BIG STORM back in the MidWest, was concerned that you were in that Jeff. Sounds like Arkansas and surrounds got Hammered, Cath how did you Oklahoma clan fare? Perry good to here you are ok where your at. Over the course of 7 decades on planet I have been through Typhoons, Earthquake, Tsunami, Flooding, VOlcano, Mega Snow and of course the ever present Forest Fires. Witnessed "dust Devil" phenom but never an F class Tornado and I am not sad. Their unpredictability freaks me out
Hack good on quick and easy launch, your Granddauhter is gorgeous :) Rick glad you got the alarms figgered out. Jeff any clues as to how long before Wires and Tires show up?
No solid plans today, mostly inside stuff since its pretty nasty out side. Going to make a version of Malibu Chicken for dinner tonight, so i need to prep it early afternoon. Thinking maybe a pickled asparagus, mushroom and feta side dish .
Hopefully The day treats you all well
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I was not sure where the storms were hitting. I need a huge US Map over my keyboard so I can keep track. Still waiting on the snow shoe to fall, not a bad day all in all except it is to windy to feed the bonfire :( I should be around if anyone want to meet up.
dTrying to swap selfies with Lasy friend and my Moto phone is wierding out
And sp it begins, rain is back wind 15+ knots S to SW and Ragnarok looking like it is coming over the mts :(
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No worry, its getting nasty out, big winds and dark clouds . My luck power and net will go down :(
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