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OOoooohhhhhhh.....TOO MUCH FOOD......send help!

Breaded Pork chops, scalloped potatoes, mushrooms n onions, and flaky rolls.......1 would have been enough for 3, but, yeah right.........shoveled out 1 one each of our plates. AND WE ISN'T sir....but there be uhhhhh, something similar going in the fridge. 馃 馃榿

A peaceful day listening to the rain, and appears another sessions of games this evening, as Nolyn's parents are bringing him over tonight for a few days......sounds like an excuse for a game night to me.

Hope peace is contagious for All,

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Not hemmoaraging is a good start, Still fighting with HP printer :(

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God evening, all!

I tried the 'brief case, and standing around chatting while holding tiny pieces of food, and sipping wine' thing in college......found out early on, THAT, just doesn't fit. Crawling in sea muck, and being tail slapped by fish was more my speed. BUT, I do love my food......ain't real fussy about which end of the cow goes on the plate first......and have been hungry enough to negotiate it's freshness chasing it on the 'hoof'! 馃憤 馃榿
Nope, that style of food doesn鈥檛 sound like you at all!
Hmmmm I didn鈥檛 know being a foodie was like that. I just thought it meant that you liked good food and you like to prepare it. In that case, that sounds like you guys.
Enjoy your game night!

Doug - Arrrgh! What a mess with your HP printer!

Grooviness for all tonight.

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Evening all,
Continued doing busy work until mid afternoon, then decided to take a claw foot table I have here to give to Sis, along with her Dyson vac I was entrusted to bring back to life. Ended up ordering the lower assembly for it , was smarter/cheaper to go the whole assembly route than get the parts that went south and finger crossing the rest of the parts to keep on keeping on.
Sis鈥檚 pup is still a silly thing, 6 months old @60#.
While I was in the area, stopped afterwards to my buddy鈥檚 place, and ended up leaving at the usual 2-3 hrs later thing, for a 鈥渟hort鈥 visit .

Cath, no names on the Sun Conures , yet. Tasked Sis with assisting in the naming process, since I was the one that slam dunked throwing 鈥淗arper鈥 in for her new( again, 6 months old now ) Pyrdoodle.
For the Catalina Macaw coming home when she is fully weaned at the end of November, 鈥淢olly鈥 popped in my head and seems to rattle around in it nicely . Had a female GSD a while ago with that name. Plus if/when I cement a name for her, I can pass it along to the breeder and she will use to get the baby macaw used to it ( yeah , that stuff works, heheh)

Calling the vet in the am to see about getting the avian vet there to see the Conures this week, nails/wings and general checkup.
Also oughta be starting to look for a super duper sized cage for a macaw. Have a fairly large one here, but dunno if I want to start her in it for a while or just go big from the git-go馃. Will ask the breeder what she thinks, since this will be my first full size macaw ,plus being my first just weaned baby boid.

When I got home from Sis鈥檚 this evening, 5 of the 6 dawgs here Velcro鈥檇 their noses to my pant legs, smelling Harper on em. As Ricky Ricardo used to say 鈥淚 had some 鈥榮plaining to do鈥. Geez.

On to the remnants of the evening,,

Hope everyone had a great day!
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Morning all,
Decided that today was to be a 鈥渄own turn鈥( Perry and others might know the term, no production-only repairs/maintenance and cleanup) out in the shop. Too many after effects of prior chores/jobs/projects.( a long sentence for being lax/lazy with putting stuff back where it belongs).
I need one of those Jeff, and fully understand what that is.

Got brandy new HF medium rolling tool box that needs filling, and my small one still has stuff from the job that fired me after my accident. The basement is a mess at my girlfriends place.

This weekend is getting the car and everyplace else tidy before moving forward with sheetrock.
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