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A request to the TRT family......

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My son of 9 years has endured more surgeries and pain than any parent could ask of any child. We thought we were on the up swing when visits to a group of doctors and surgeons on Friday revealed a number of medical issues that have sent us realing. He has been diagnosed with a heart murmer due to a malformed heart, potential constrictions of 2 aorta, definite scoliosis (sp?), pallette issues definitely requiring surgery and at least two oral surgeries that will be required to fix his jaw/teeth. A lot of bad news on a Friday for a young child and a single parent. I ask for prayers and positive thoughts during a most difficult time.

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wow. i'm so sorry phil. for jordan and for you. god listens. and with all of us praying, and i'm sure your other friends family, all will be ok in the end.

it's easy for an outsider to say it, but keep your chin up, and try to look on the bright side. we have some great doctors in this country, and medical science has grown by leaps and bounds. it may be a trying time. but it will be ok in the end.

you are both in my thoughts and prayers!
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