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I did a search on my high school I attended so many, many years ago and found a site and wrote to the principal of the high school and she returned my message today!
It was cool to hear from her and about the high school. Here is the e-mail from her and a pic of Burlington High School(Sea Horses was our school name ;) )

E-mail from Principal Amy Mellancamp:

It is wonderful to hear about the early days of this high school - I am
sure it was a delight to be in such a new school - 40 years later or so
we are working to replace roofs, bathrooms and all but otherwise I
expect you would think it is much the same -we are a more diverse
community now with refugees and other students from many different
backgrounds - our first football game is this evening so we are excited
about that - my best to you and if you are ever in the area, please do
stop by and say hello!


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Kewl, looks like it was nice, for a school ;)
Jeez I went to like 19 schools in 3 states and 2 countries, I would need a faster puter to try and track it all down :)
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