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Ok, guys just so you know I will be moving the contents of my 25 gallon into the 72 gallon. Here is a list of whats going to the 72.

1 Big Yellow Tang
2 Perc Clowns
1 Clarki Clown
1 Blue devil
1 Dottieback
1 Dwarf Lion
1 Flame Hawk

1 Green open brain
1 Sun coral
1 flower pot coral
2 hairy leather shrooms
1 sponge
4 Different types of shrooms
3 bunches of button polyps
1 bunch waving xenia
2 Feather dusters
2 Tree leathers
2 Manjano's!!!!

Some of this is in my 5 gallon also!!

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Hey Alice how are you!!

These are the things that I already have:) I know I should not have that many but I aquired four of them when I bought the 72 gallon. They are in my 25 gallon and 5 gallon. Thats why I have been trying to speed this up as much as possiable without stressing anything out. All fish are doing good. I thought the lion was not doing good but he seems ok today. The tang in my 25 has been doing great. The man I bought the 72 gallon and stuff off, was getting out of it and when I went to take a look I knew then that if I didn't take these guys at that time they would not make it. The tang was almost completely white and you could see right though him. Since I have fatten him up a bit and he's yellow colour is on the way back. He had the tang and 2 per clowns in a 5 gallon and I don't think he was looking after them. The two percs were ok, just looked skinny, I have fatten them up as well. There was 2 other really big fish that the fish store bought from me. huge damsel and a big hogfish. Hope everything makes it and is ok.

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